Yes we do provide a full packing service. The whole nine yards. And unpacking too. When we unpack, we include all the materials (boxes, styrofoam pouches, tape, etc.) all for free. And then take it all away to be recycled for the next move. A pack-move-unpack combination, happening one right after the other, extricates the client tremedously from the trauma and discombulation of moving their residence. You turn around and everything is set up, unpacked ,reassembled, and reconfigured in their respective rooms in the new dwelling. The boxes are all gone and you’re up and running again in the blink of an eye. Compared to the “sweat equity” of the weeks or months to pack and unpack yourself , this can be a very desirable option. The pack-move-unpack rapid sequence is a popular choice with people who have young children, the elderly, and busy working professionals.


Packing Service

Packing Service Available - Thupten in action