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  • May 2008

    Stu Miller is just as fabulous as other reviewers claim. Within the last year, he and his talented crew have moved my family once and my 95 year old grandmother twice. He’s moved her from one assisted living community to another and then into a nursing home and storage locker. He did so with tremendous sensitivity and grace (these were emotionally fraught moves for someone of her age). After watching his crew prepare our house for a move, I realized that we’d never really had professional movers before Stu, only people who claimed to be professionals. He is prompt, highly professional, kind and just what you would want from your dream moving company. Nothing has ever arrived broken, his team has an entire tool shed in the custom-built truck to facilitate the moving process and they are all really nice guys. Oh, and he’s even more picky than we were about safely moving our antique furniture and heirloom piano. Here’s his number: (510) 848-9395 Good luck! Laura

  • June 2007

    We just had our third move with Stu Miller. His moving company first began moving me when I was single about 15 years ago. As always, the move went wonderfully. His crew were very mild-mannered, quick, friendly, polite, and sensitive to our situation. They seemed to be enjoying a competitive sport about who could carry the most heavy boxes at once. Now that we have a family, some nice furniture, and tons of stuff it was great to watch everything move so quickly and knowledgeably in one trip in their huge truck.At the end of our herculean project our furniture and home all still looked great and the crew were still smiling. Excellent work! Eric

  • April 2006

    We have hired Stu Miller many times over the years and highly recommend him. He is very conscientious, extrememely professional and recently moved friends who were very satisfied with his work. -Denise

  • Oct 2005

    My family recently moved our home with Stu Miller and crew. They did an exceptional job. They listened, were swift, very careful, had equipment I never knew was out there, and performed a very difficult move with a smile. My furniture and home all still look great. It was a very pleasant experience and I would very highly reccomend them. Jennifer L

  • April 2004

    I thoroughly recommend Stu Miller. 848-9395 His crew is very careful, thorough, professional and nice. Your stuff and your house will be taken care of. For example, when he moved stuff in our house he was careful to put padding on all the doorframes. Nothing got scratched. He installed pads on the feet of all our furniture, free, to protect the floors. Jim
    A great mover is Stu Miller, who I used many years ago. He’s still around, with even more experience. This guy really knows what he’s doing. He tells you exactly how to prepare for an efficient move, and then when his crew arrives, on time, they are extremely organized and careful. When I moved into my present home, Stu didn’t have the dates I needed available, so I went with someone else, and it was a disaster — he underestimated the amount of time and number of guys he needed, they arrived late, the workers were slow, all of which resulted in their not getting finished before the looming rainstorm. On top of it, they damaged some furniture. If I had it to do over again, I would have changed my moving date to use Stu Miller.

  • March 2004

    I recently had Stu Miller move my home. I was delighted with his operation. His final bill was considerably less than the in-person quote I received. Stu himself actively participated with his staff of competant, cheerful, young men. He freely offered to and repaired a damaged antique I was worried about before he moved it with the skill of a seasoned surgeon . He amazed us by disassembling and reassembling an intricate multi-faceted french armoir. Throughout the move I knew that his crew were out for our best interest by exercizing the greatest diligence, swiftness, and attention to our needs.They left us with furniture in better condition than when it left, our nerves intact and feeling inspired about the integration of mastery of a trade with a good heart. Stu Miller Movers

  • Aug 2002

    We used Stu Miller this past Spring. He was very pleasant on the phone as well as in person. Very mild mannered. The move went well… no problems. I could have not even been present and I’m sure the move would have went well. We moved from a 4 bdrm to another 4 bdrm. His staff was very pleasant. I think he does charge more than other companies, but we felt we needed someone reliable and dependable and he had a lot of recommendations on the Parents web site, so we went with him. One company NOT to use is All My Sons. My friend used them and had to call the police. This company wanted to hold my friend’s furniture ”hostage” until my friend signed a form that would state they would pay a specific fixed amount for the move. When the police came, the police said these movers are notorious for this problem.

  • March 2002

    Six weeks ago I hired Stu Miller, based on recommendations from the PN web site. He and three strong young men moved my boyfriend and I from two separate one-bedroom apartments into a new two-bedroom place, about two miles from our old neighborhood. Stu is a true professional. He has protective pads, wardrobe boxes, etc. and knows how to move furniture and pack his truck very efficiently. The move took just over three hours and cost about $600. It was worth every penny and my BF and I still talk about how it was the best money we ever spent. We tipped his crew ($10 each) and they were really appreciative. DO pack well and know where you want stuff to go. That saves time. DON’T hire a fly-by-night mover. IMHO peace of mind is worth more than the $50 to $100 bucks you might save. Joanna

  • May 2000

    Stu Miller Movers, in the Yellow and White-business pages. I used him in April, and suggested him to my boss, who used Stu’s services in May. I was very happy, as was my boss. A bit expensive, very very good. both were in Bay area/East Bay moves. Sara

  • April 2000

    My family has used Stu Miller Moving twice in the past 5 years, and we have had positive experiences with them both times. The owner, Stu, worked on both of our moves and he and his crew were efficient, professional, and well priced. (We were well organized, and knew what went where, so I am sure that helped.) Their phone number is 510 848-9395. They really delivered the ‘good vibes’ (to us anyways) promised in their Yellow Pages ad!

  • Jan 1999

    Great mover Stu Miller Moving 510/848-9395 Stu is extremely professional, fast, courteous and totally reliable. He is punctual, efficient and friendly. His crew follow instructions, offer suggestions and are very helpful. I highly recommend him.